Cafes of all kinds: espresso, lathe, greek, tea, chocolates, milkshakes, etc., satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers, whether for breakfast or sunbathing, or a beach package.

Φαγητό υψηλής ποιότητας


With an emphasis on Lefkadian cuisine and raw materials from our bohemian, you can taste cooked, homemade food. Pies, lentils, marinade anchovies, Lebanese oregano, seafood pasta, charcoal sardines, fresh vegetables and meat and seafood varieties from 12:00 to 23:00.



Our homemade lemonade can thaw the visitor even after the Emperor Hill. Also, many Greek and non-Greek beers, blond, red, ouzo and tsipouro as well as drinks and cocktails await you from morning till night. For wine lovers there is a wide list of wines from local varieties of verduza and verzami, mushofilero, chardonnay, calberne, agoragitico, etc. accompanied by snacks of all preferences.

Γλυκά δικής μας παρασκευής


Whether traditionally or not, sweets for us are a special chapter. With chocolate (soufflé, brownies) or without (walnut, pie, ravani) they also get ice cream. Homemade marmalades and spoon sweets also complement the range of sweet suggestions.


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Going back to time in the summer of 1993 the family decides to transform the home house into a restaurant.
Since then everything has changed, the grandfather’s grandfather “Panai” with the twelve vats of Warda and Vertzami wine as well as the olive oil were transformed into pans, pots and ladles …

Enjoy unique moments in our restaurant, moments that you will be happy to tell your friends …

We promise to serve you in the best possible way to enjoy our unique tastes.

Following the route to the beaches of Porto goos Egremnos and Gialos or by turning from them, we find the last village of the island “Athani”. In the center of the village is the “Lefkata”.
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